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  • Desiree Harrison

Crazy for Fidget Spinners!

Congratulations! If you were a teacher for this past school year, then you've survived all kinds of crazy trends, including the magical fidget spinner. While people are starting to dispute the benefits of this tool for use in the classroom, teachers can use them to spark mathematical conversations.

Invite your students to bring their fidget spinners to class (eek!) and let the math begin!

#1 - Timer Spinner Challenge

Materials: Fidget Spinners, timers, table top, pencil

Divide your class into groups of 2-5 (depending on how many fidget

spinner you have) and create a

challenge for how long students can

make the fidget spin.

Vary the challenges:

- Hold the fidget horizontally vs. vertically

- Spin on a table top with one finger holding vs. no fingers

Use the sheet below to have students record the data.

(Click the picture to grab this freebie!)

You can create a super challenge by having students come in the next day and graph their data!

For more ideas, check out the Crazy for Fidget Spinners Pack.

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