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  • Desiree Harrison

How will I start my writing?

We all get those moments when nothing is coming to our minds. We have so many exciting stories to share with our friends and then put a pen in our hand and...nothing.


When this happens to your students, how do you get students past their writer's block?

I love writing and I don't want my students to develop an anxiety over a blank piece of paper, so I created some Strong Lead Posters to hang in the room for motivation!

These posters are simple and to the point and give students some inspiration with the words and visuals.

Types of Leads:

1. Action



4.Talking (Dialogue)


6.Sound Effects

Spend some time talking and thinking about each one before posting so that students are very familiar with each type of lead.

When students get stuck, direct them to these posters to help. They can always change or add to the lead later; the posters are there to help them get past the writer's block.

Math Connections:

  • Challenge your students to use specific leads when writing in their math journals! This will lead to stronger and more interesting entries all year long. And students will have more practice with the leads and will start to view them as strategies for writing period, but just for Writing Workshop.

  • Encourage your students to look for examples of the different types of leads in the math literacy books they are reading.

Click on the picture below to check out the pack.

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