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  • Desiree Harrison

Be the Change

For the holidays I got an awesome mug from one of my students. I bet the sweet little boy only gave this to me because I've been my lattes from a travel mug every day for the past four months; not because he thought the quote etched on it would spark an entire shift in his teacher's thought process! While this quote is world renowned and people in all career fields recite the words, the quote took on new meaning for me as I was sipping my coffee this morning.

I always used to associate this "change" with some monumental feat like ending world hunger or organizing massive marches for change. I've always approached the word world too literally. This word could of course mean affecting change on such a large scale, but we as teachers have each student's world to consider. If we see something in a child's life that we are capable of "changing" for the better, be pro-active and make that change happen.

One change I wish to see in the world is for children to have a solid foundation in the language of mathematics. I wish to see children happily embrace and love math, instead of dreading the subject each day. That's why I create Kid's Math Talk products. It started with Math Talk Bookmarks, to help students start their math conversations with kid-friendly sentence stems, and has expanded to over 100 creations that help create change in the worlds of children all over the country. Every day, my mission is to help children a little more comfortable with their math skills.

To honor this change that I wish to create, I am having a week long celebration sale for some of the very first products I created for my mission. Find them on sale, each only $1, by clicking on the picture below.

What change do you wish you see in the world?