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  • Desiree Harrison

Make the Standards come to Life!

Exploring math should be dynamic, exciting, predictable, and purpose driven. This purpose driven aspect is thought to be attained in many states through the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. The barrier many teachers and students face in getting to these ultimate experiences is the language around the standards themselves. Here's what you can do starting tomorrow to make the standards come to life!

1. Make the obscure the familiar

Make the standards come to life by striking out the long and technical language of the common core that could be confusing for parents, students, and even teachers. Kid's Math Talk has kid-friendly language, pictures, and I Can Statements for each standard. Tyler, Kid's Math Talk Kid 3.OA.C.7 (pictured above), is one of the most used in my 3rd grader classroom and students get very familiar with him. They really like the fact that he "talks" to them and that every time they see his picture, there is familiarity; it means that there is something to do with a strategy about multiplication facts. After a few days of making connections between concepts and a Kid's Math Talk Standards kid, the character comes to life in my classroom. Conversations about "Tyler helping us through the problem", or "Using Tyler to solve" helps make the standard a little more engaging for students while still being about to describe and name the standard. These posters in turn, help to create and maintain a solid structure and routine in your classroom.

2. Unpack each part of the standard

Tyler, aka 3.OA.C.7, is multi dimensional like many of the common core standards. Unpacking each standard to find the skills and pre-requisites needed before turning into a kid-friendly statement is key to making sure that the new I Can statement will maintain the rigor and integrity of the original standard. These poster can then be hung in your classroom to give students a quick reminder of the different strategies they might use when encountering any given standard. Be sure to also unpack any words that make be specific to math by creating a word wall, or another visual for students.

Common Core Math Standard 3.OA.A.3 (Marcus) has been unpacked into four different kid-friendly "I Can" posters.

Download all of the 3rd Grade Math Posters by clicking on the picture below.