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How are you helping your students become strong mathematicians?

Start by building a positive math identity! The latest research in math education states that a positive math identity is one of the biggest contributing factors in continued success with math problem solving and interest in STEM related careers later in life. 

This pack details how to set up your year to foster the development of a strong math identity for ALL students.

Click below for a FREE Sample of this pack:
I am a Strong Mathematician FREEBIE Pack 

Included in this full pack:
-Monthly student "math inventory" checks
-"Math Math Story" sheets for drawing yourself as a mathematician
-Posters for crucial math talk, questioning, and reflection
-Teacher tracking sheets
- Instructions for each section
-The ENTIRE Kid's Math Talk Math Workshop Questions Posters set
-The ENTIRE Kid's Math Talk How To Be a Strong Math Partner set

Ensure student success and download this supplement pack to give your students what the traditional and "new" textbooks skip.

Praise for this Product:


On December 11, 2016, LilBee Teaching (TpT Seller) said:

Thanks! Such an important concept!



On September 24, 2016, One Urban Teacher (TpT Seller) said:

Thank you for this resource. It helped me to teach my students to think of themselves as mathematicians and build their self confidence to solve math problems.

I am a Strong Mathematician! Building a Positive Math Identity

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$7.50Sale Price
  • 120+ pages