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Help students master the 3rd standard of mathematical practice--Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others--while thinking about regrouping with subtraction (2 digit minus 1 digit) with these worksheets.

On each work page:
-3 subtraction number sentences that have been incorrectly regrouped
-a box to list what strategies the student does well
-a box to write a note to the student to help him/her improve
-a box for your student to correctly answer one of the subtraction number sentences
10 different work pages are included for practice!

Praise for this product:


On June 26, 2017, Kate W. said:

Students loved finding the errors.



On April 6, 2017, Katie Z. said:




On February 16, 2017, Jessica W. said:

Great resource



On October 24, 2016, elizabeth C. said:

Surprised how much this showed me about my students and their number sense.



On October 7, 2016, Kasey M. said:

These were great! I modeled one on my ActivBoard and the had the class work with a partner on several others.



On August 21, 2016, Buyer said:

These are perfect and just what I was looking for! Error analysis is a critical part of the learning cycle.



On August 4, 2014, Gal of Galloway (TpT Seller)said:

practical tool for critical thinking!



On April 16, 2014, Gigi Beaumont (TpT Seller)said:

Thank you! Very helpful tool! :)



On April 8, 2014, Sharon B. said:

Great way to get kids to really analyze and identify a wrong move.



On December 3, 2013, Jennifer M. said:

My students LOVE being the teacher, so I anticipate lots of enthusiasm for this math activity! It will also help to solidify those Math Talk skills as they "correct" the work of another student and verbalize their thinking. I look forward to using this product!!



On November 11, 2013, JO M. said:

Great for making the children THINK!



On October 27, 2013, Andrea C. said:

Loved this! My kids did too!



On October 8, 2013, suann F. said:

Loved this approach and used it for reviewing subtraction.



On April 29, 2013, Shannon B. said:

Such a terrific exercise for my students!



On October 21, 2012, Julia B. said:

A wonderful way to teach error analysis! Thank you!!!



Math Error Analysis - Subtraction Edition

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