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What do the standards
say about Geometry?


"Young students are included naturally to observe and describe a variety of shapes and to begin to notice their properties. Identifying shapes is important, too, but the focus on properties and their relationships should be strong."

(NCTM, 2000, p. 41-42).

The Common Core State Standards Progressions are a collection of documents that outline the specific “what” and “when” of teaching mathematical concepts. Woven throughout the K-12 document are opportunities for learning geometric concepts and teachers need to take advantage of these opportunities to position all students for success with mathematical concepts and generalized problem solving.


Having a deep understanding of geometric concepts is important for all students as it will help students better look for, understand and explain relationships in the world around them.  

One major highlight from the progression of understanding of geometry is the emphasis of the importance of strengthening visualization and spatial reasoning skills, as well as geometric modeling to solve problems. 

This document also highlights the fact that the domain of geometry affords an excellent opportunity to deepen understanding of justifying answers and critiquing the reasoning of others.

-Read this document for yourself by clicking on the link below-


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