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Starting Math Talk with your child

Starting Math Talk with your Child

Math Talk with your child should start long before they are able to talk to you about what they are doing. When playing with your child, count the number of blocks they are using, name and point out the shapes and colors you see when playing and reading, and count out loud when having a snack.

Once your child is old enough to start grasping large crayons and can focus on something for a few minutes, start the official introduction of numbers and amounts.

Introducing Numbers:

Your Pre-K kid is active and has a short working memory. Introduce only one number at a time and spend several days on that number before moving on to the next. Hang number posters in your child's play area so that they have a visual reminder.

One- Number Poster

Nine-Number Poster

Five-Number Poster

Keep any activity you do short (around 5 minutes). This way the activities will stay interesting and your kid will not get tired.

Incorporate natural play into the activities as much as possible. Kids love to “play” school.

Let them be the teacher!

Click on the picture below to download more parent tips and for practice guides, activities, and sheets for your child.

For even more Math Talk, try

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