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Episode 1: Welcome to Kids Math Talk

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Children are listening and learning from everything that we say, and also what we don’t talk about. The goal of The Kids Math Talk Podcast is not to get people to just love mathematics.

Instead, it’s to make sure that there is actually a conversation happening about math. It’s about helping parents and educators create a positive narrative about math and the role that it plays in our lives, which will ultimately translate into Kids Math Talk that is positive.

Each one of us has a personal math story and it influences how and what we say and do in regards to math.

When we as adults find ourselves saying to our kids that, “I’m just not a math person,” we are unconsciously inviting the conversation about math to stop without even realizing the negative impact we could have on a child’s identity.

Children are listening and statements like this can perpetuate the false beliefs that math isn’t important, that they themselves can’t do something, and that they just aren’t a math person either - when in fact children naturally exhibit mathematical skills all the time, like classifying, sorting, counting, and analyzing the world around them - without ever having any prompting from adults.

Each episode of The Kids Math Talk Podcast gives parents and educators practical tips and insights that will deepen mathematical understanding while also encouraging the conversation about math to remain active and positive.

Join us each week for a new episode of The Kids Math Talk Podcast hosted by Desiree Harrison.

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