Episode 18: KMT Spotlight- Growth Mindset with Dr. Kendra Thurmond

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Desiree Harrison 0:00

Today is the first of a new type of episode for our podcast. It’s called the KMT Spotlight which aims to highlight additional voices in the math community and celebrate all of the amazing things happening.

We are looking for additional teachers, teacher educators, and parents for these episodes. If you would like to be a KMT Spotlight guest, email me at kidsmathtalk@gmail.com or connect with me on Twitter.

Dr. Kendra Thurmond

Desiree Harrison 1:02

Today's guest is a self-proclaimed lover of all things math, a former district K-6 grade coordinator, and is currently a client experience manager for Dreambox Learning. Welcome, Kendra Thurmond, to the Kids Math Talk Podcast.

Kendra Thurmond 1:21

Thank you so much Desiree for having me. Very excited to be a part.

Desiree Harrison 1:25

Yes. It's a pleasure. And I really should say, Dr. Thurmond, because you have recently successfully defended your dissertation, where the topic is, Exploring the Impact of Growth Mindset Strategies on Mathematics Pre-Service Teachers Beliefs. And, where I saw this, it grabbed me right away, because on our podcast, we talk a lot about beliefs and teacher's beliefs, parents beliefs, and even children's beliefs about themselves and how our beliefs impact our actions and how decisions that we make about teaching and learning and about our own interests even about math, and who we believe is capable about math, and capable of doing math - there's so much involved in that, so tell us, what experiences brought you to this topic, and what were some of your findings from your research.

Kendra Thurmond 2:25

Yes, of course. So, um, initially when I started the program I was still in education, but coming out of education within the program, it made me kind of reach into something a little bit deeper. Typically, they'll say do something that's around what you do in t he actual environment where you work.

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