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Episode 23: Math Is Play! - National Math Festival Preview with Dr. Emille Davie Lawrence

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Desiree Harrison 0:31

Today on the podcast, we have Dr. Emille Davie Lawrence, who is the term associate professor and chair of mathematics and statistics at the University of San Francisco and is also a self-proclaimed math coach. Thank you for being on the podcast and welcome!

Dr. Emille Davie Lawrence

Dr. Emille Davie Lawrence 0:47

Thank you! It's a pleasure to be here. So, we have been connected through the National Math Festival, which happens every other year and this year it is completely being done online. And it's a fabulous event. I had the chance to attend two years ago when it was live in D.C. and I've been following it on Twitter and on the actual website. Now, they're having different events to kind of whet your appetite for the main event which is happening April 16 through the 18th (2021). It's completely free, and it's for children of all ages and that includes adults of all ages. And, so, Dr. Lawrence, you have a presentation at this math festival, and it's happening on Sunday, April 18th, called Math is Play!

And I know you can't give us all the details, but if you could just give us a sneak peak into what you mean by math is play and what you might be talking about during this presentation.

Dr. Emille Davie Lawrence 1:54