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Episode 24: KMT Spotlight - Promoting Parent Partnerships w/ Video Feedback Loops (Nick Harris)

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Desiree Harrison 0:00

KMT Spotlights aim to highlight additional voices in the math community and celebrate all of the amazing things happening. Today’s guest is a Math Intervention Teacher who is sharing all about the innovative ways that he is using technology in order to connect with and build meaningful partnerships with families who have chosen remote learning for their children.

We are looking for additional teachers, teacher educators, and parents for these episodes. If you would like to be a KMT Spotlight guest, email me at or connect with me on Twitter.

Desiree Harrison 1:17

Today on the podcast, we have Nick Harris, who is a Kindergarten math intervention teacher in Kentucky. Welcome to the podcast!

Nick Harris 1:26

Thank you! Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

Desiree Harrison 1:28

So, we are connected on Twitter. I love the videos, and the quick and simple PD that you provide through those posts that you have. And just you're always so willing to share all of your ideas and just open up your classroom and you embody that open door policy, so it's really much appreciated because then we're learning and we're growing together. And I came across one of your posts a few months ago that involved the parent connection.

And we know that parent involvement is always something that's on our mind. But in particular, you have found this way to truly make parents a partner.

So, give us an overview of this framework that you have, who's involved, and how it's different from what you've done in the past.