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Episode 25: The Power of Listening to Children's Thinking - interview w/Berkeley, Christine, & Karen

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Desiree Harrison 0:00

Here on the Kids Math Talk Podcast we talk a lot about how children have so much to say. But do we really as educators and parents always take the time to listen? I know I have been guilty of interrupting a child’s thinking by giving what I viewed to be “helpful prompts” to get an answer because the time allotted for the math block that day was almost over. But when leading by rushing children through their thought processes, are we actually teaching? And what are we valuing more? I argue that it’s not a child’s identity and self-worth, but instead is the clock, pacing guide, and procedures that are involved in an isolated lesson. And what impact does placing emphasis on these objects have on a child?

Today’s guests challenge us to shift our thinking about time as a constant and invite us to embrace the power that comes with slowing down and listening to children’s thinking.

Desiree Harrison 1:41

Today, we have with us three guests. Welcome Karen Recinos, Christine Allen, and Berkeley Everett to the Kids Math Talk Podcast.

Christine Allen 1:52

Thank you so much!

Berkeley Everett 1:53

Thanks for having us.

Karen Recinos 1:54

Happy to be here!

Desiree Harrison 1:55

So, I am so excited to have you all here! It's quite a treat because I've heard of Berkeley through Twitter and then Berkeley has introduced me to the two of you , so, it's just so nice to be able to sit down and talk mathematics with new people and to learn new and different sides of the mathematics world.

So, we're here just to talk about thinking partners and visuals a little bit deeper. So, I am a math coach- I have a lot of different hats and there is no definitive definition, at least in the district where I work - of what a coach does. So, from your point of view, what does it mean to be a thinking partner with teachers and what does this look like?