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Episode 29: Implementing Rich Math Tasks - An Interview with Delise Andrews and Sorsha T. Mulroe

Desiree Harrison 0:00

Educators are always looking for new ways to cognitively and emotionally engage students. If you follow me on twitter at kidsmathtalk, then you know that at the end of June 2021, I posted about a new exciting book series that assists educators in doing exactly this by offering authentic and engaging math tasks - it’s called Classroom-Ready Rich Math Tasks: Engaging Students in Doing Math, published by Corwin. There are K-1, 2-3, and 4-5 versions to suit your needs and I had the absolutely pleasure of being a co-author on the grades 2-3 grades book!

So, are you wondering what makes something a rich math task? Or How you implement them into your classroom? Well, whether you are virtual or face to face, this series answers these questions and more! These books are must adds to your professional library, but these will be in your work bag, in your hands, and on your desk, not on the shelf! I even suggest getting them coil bound so that you can easily flip back through the pages.

Today’s guests talk to us about this interactive resource - Classroom-Ready Rich Math Tasks book series.

Desiree Harrison 1:49

Today on the Kids Math Talk Podcast, we have two of the authors of the new book in a series, it's called Classroom-Ready Rich Math Tasks: Engaging Students in Doing Math, grades 4-5. Welcome to the podcast!

Delise Andrews 2:06

So, hi, I'm Delisa Andrews. I am a math coordinator for grades 3-5 for Lincoln Public Schools in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Sorsha T. Mulroe 2:15

And hi, I'm Sorsha Mulroe. I'm a math support teacher, more widely known as a math coach, in Howard County, Maryland. And I am primarily at Runningbrook Elementary School.

Desiree Harrison 2:30

Alright, Thank you! So, you two were responsible in the main part for the actual tasks that are a part of this book. And, and upwards of 50 - right, they're more than 50.

Delise Andrews 2:40


Desiree Harrison 2:41

54! Okay! So, you all were responsible for the creation of 54 different tasks. And not just tasks, but rich math tasks. So, take us through your thought process for selecting a high quality rich math task.