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Episode 30: Building Math Coherence in Your School - An Interview w/ Karen K., Barbara D., Sarah B.

Desiree Harrison 0:00

Our beliefs dictate our thoughts, and our thoughts influence our actions. Even with a shared curriculum, do you really know what your colleagues think about the teaching and learning of math? If you're a parent, do you really have an understanding of the teaching philosophy of your child's teacher? What about how others believe word problems should be approached? About using different strategies and models? Or even in how someone would define these terms? Have you shared your beliefs about these concepts with others? When's the last time you reflected on them for yourself?

Today's guests explore why it's essential for educators to have these conversations that lead to an increase in equitable actions, teaching practices, and coherence with all stakeholders, including parents.

Desiree Harrison 2:54

Today on the podcast, we have the authors of The Math Pact: Achieving Instructional Coherence Within and Across Grades. Welcome, Karen Karp, Barbara Dougherty, and Sarah Bush to the podcast.

Karen Karp 3:36

Thank you, Desiree!

Barbara Dougherty 3:38

Aloha, Desiree!

Sarah Bush 3:41

Thanks so much for having us, Desiree!

Desiree Harrison 3:41

Alright! This is really, truly, my pleasure. Thank you for doing this and sitting down and talking with us about this math pact. And, I have read this book cover to cover and I've actually gotten two of my colleagues in my district - we're doing a book study with this, so I have the elementary version, we have a middle school coach that's reading the middle school, and then our curriculum coordinator is reading the high school version, and we're really talking through the chapters, and the points, and all the reflections that you all give in the book, and we're talking about core values, which this book really helps educators to think about core values and to challenge our core values. And to bring teams of teachers and team of educators together.