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Episode 44: Making Math Come to Life! An Interview with TJ Jemison

Desiree Harrison 0:00

I’m excited to have one of the authors of the

series, Math By The Book, join us for this episode. The Math by the Book series has a bundle for kindergarten through 5th grade and uses children’s literature as a vehicle for engagement, authenticity, and understanding the value of including context in our work with children to help them make connections about the world. Teachers are always looking to outside resources to build up their collection of activities and relevant tasks. Today’s episode also gives us some background and insight about what makes up a quality resource episode and reminds us that quality is often more valuable than quantity.

Desiree Harrison 0:45

So, welcome to the Kids Math Talk Podcast!

TJ Jemison 0:52

Hi, I'm TJ. I'm a math consultant from Burlington, Vermont. And I'm really excited to be here. I have a background a long time ago as a special educator. I was also a Math Recovery Math Interventionist for years. I've done a lot of curriculum work in my district and then became a math coach. And for the last decade I've been traveling around our country and internationally, working with teachers from preK to 6th grade.

Desiree Harrison 1:27

Alright, yes. I'm excited to talk with you today. So, just in my seeing your posts and learning more about you through social media, I know that you're connected to lots of resources, so that's kind of around our theme for today's episode. And I know that teachers have so many decisions to make every minute of every day. And it seems especially in the past ten years or so, many teachers have added onto this plate, and that of picking resources - they've added that to this ever-growing list. And that seems to have resulted in what some call decision fatigue.

So, can you tell us, with your experiences, and your background in math education, can you just talk to us about how you assist teachers in building a collection of quality resources that doesn't result in this burnout.

Headshot of TJ Jemison smiling