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Episode 34: Redefining and Empowering Math Identities- A Preview of the Math Equity Conference

Delaware Mathematics & STEM (Virtual) Conference

October 8-9, 2021

Desiree Harrison 0:32

Welcome to the Kids Math Talk Podcast!

Jamila Riser 0:33

Thank you so much, Desiree! It's great to be here.

My name is Jamila Riser and I'm the executive director of the Delaware Mathematics Coalition. I've been in the position with the coalition since 2007. And during that time, we've continued to evolve and grow as an organization. We're very committed to supporting increased opportunities for students to get the best possible mathematics experiences and to promoting equitable teaching and learning in Delaware classrooms.

We invest heavily in professional learning for teachers, coaches, and administrators, and it's a job I love! It doesn't feel like a job; it's a passion to me. And we have a very vibrant mathematics education community here in Delaware, so, it's a real privilege to be able to serve in this role.

Desiree Harrison 1:27

I found out about the Delaware Math Coalition and this upcoming Math Equity Conference on Twitter. And you were speaking to how you got involved with the Coalition and a little bit about the goals for the Coalition. But, can you tell us a little bit more specifically about the upcoming conference.

Headshot of Dr. Jamila Riser
Dr. Jamila Riser

Jamila Riser 1:48

Sure. Well, we've been in existence, as I've said, for some number of years, like, more than 14 years.

We became a non-profit a few years back. And, there was a point along our journey, as a group of leaders, that we decided if we could only have one annual conference, what would we focus on?