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Need a quick assessment to see where your students are in their math studies? Well the Fall Math Check-ups pack is here to help!
These activities are perfect for Math workshop rotations too!

-30 pages of quick and fun math assessments 
-all concepts are aligned to the common core
-word problems, number sense activities, fact fluency review, and odd and even review.
- Cute Fall themed clipart


Praise for this Product:

On November 30, 2016, Fantasmic13 (TpT Seller) said:

Great to use for different levels in my autism room.



On October 17, 2016, Linda L. said:

These are great, thanks!



On September 6, 2015, cyndi B. said:

useful! helpful! thx!!



On February 1, 2014, Summer K. said:

Great resource!



On January 16, 2014, Mary N. said:

Great resource - thank you so much!



On November 10, 2013, Taylor Ervin (TpT Seller)said:

Cute and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!



On October 13, 2013, Emily Shafer (TpT Seller)said:

Very cute and great to use for my lower 3rd graders.



On March 20, 2013, Diana O. said:

My kids love these. They use it as their early finisher packet.

Fall Math Check-Ups

  • 32 Pages

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