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Fluency is more complex than just saying that a child simply “knows their facts”. 

This download is for teams of teachers - examine your current plan for basic fact fluency- Does it involve a robust definition of fluency? Are you accounting for the 3 phases-for both foundational and derived facts? Might you be holding onto any unproductive beliefs? Regardless of whether we will have in person, hybrid, or remote learning, we need to have a solid plan in place for children to build fact fluency.


Included in this download:

-Components of Procedural Fluency Diagram

-Breakdown of Procedural Fluency Diagram

-Question stem suggestions for each of the 4 components of procedural fluency

-Editable Basic Fact Fluency Plan Template


Want to learn more?

Listen to Episode 5 of the Kids Math Talk Podcast - Fluency Takes Time.

Kids Math Talk Basic Fact Fluency Plan and Diagrams

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