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Learn about the Civil Rights Movement! This pack gives background info on some of the lesser known Civil Rights Leaders and helps students comprehend how they can live out the values of the Civil Rights Movement every day! 

This pack includes four different non-fiction passages, each with comprehension questions. Two cause and effect work pages and three Venn Diagrams are also included for extra brain challenges. 

Two math activities are included to get students thinking about equality from a mathematical standpoint. 

Have your students make this adorable mobile to think about how they envision the future. This craft gets them thinking about themselves, their school, and the community around them.

Included in this pack:
-FOUR Non-fiction passages with comprehension questions
-Cause and effect work pages
-KWL chart for the Civil Rights Movement
-Civil Rights Printable poster
-Venn Diagram work pages
-Math work pages
-Rough draft page for the mobile craft
-Template and Teacher directions for the mobile craft

Civil Rights Passages (with comprehension questions) about:
-Martin Luther King, Jr.
-Amelia Boynton Robinson
-A. Philip Randolph
-Diane Nash

Math Activities
-Adding Up For "Change" (adding up words using an alphabet code)
-Equality Equations (matching addition with their equivalent multiplication)

"I Have a Dream" Craftivity and more!

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$1.00Sale Price
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