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Your Pre-K kid is active and Kid’s Math Talk is here to help grow young minds that are on the go! This Pre-K Math Talk Part One Resource has everything you need everything you need to get your child or young student moving forward in their understanding of number formation and identification!

Download This pack for a link to the full version of the product.

This Resource Pack includes:
-10 different Parent Guidance Letters
-Posters for the numbers 0-10 (with 2 options for 1,7,10)
-Enlarged tracing number posters
-Tracing practice sheets for each number 0-10
-Color by Number 
-Color the Bubbles
-Object Math Mat Activity
-Number ID Clip Cards
-Counting Fish Matching Game
Keep any activity you do short (around 5 minutes). This way the activities will stay interesting and your kid will not get tired.

Incorporate natural play into the activities as much as possible. 
Kids love to “play” school. 
Let them be the teacher! 

PRE SALE until 7.5.17 - $5.99
After 7.5.17 - $10.99

Pre-K Math Talk Part 1 -Number ID and Formation

$10.99 Regular Price
$5.99Sale Price
  • 145 Pages PDF

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