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Algebra Starts in Pre-K


Can three and four year olds really handle any of the ideas associated with algebraic concepts? Absolutely!

Children are excellent language learners and are naturally curious beings on the ever lasting search for patterns and making sense of the world around them.

Finding relationships, patterns, and changes in the world around you is essentially what algebra is all about. See below for parent suggestions on bringing algebraic thinking into your home.

Habit 1:Think Positive

One of the most important and significant actions you can take as a parent is to talk math with your child and to speak positively about math with them.

You are the most important role model in their lives and whatever attitude you take toward math is likely the attitude that they will have too. 

Habit 2: Make math moments

Math really is everyone around us - help your child realize this by making it a habit to count out loud together instead of just in your head, sorting laundry together, and baking treats together. This not only increases the quality time that you and your Pre-K have together, but also helps to build their critical thinking and problem solving, while laying a strong algebraic foundation.  

Habit 3: Read

One key idea within algebra is the recognition and generalization of patterns. Work on this skill while reading with and to your child each day and night. 

For a list of Kid's Math Talk book recommendations, click on the picture below.

Childrens Books that Promote Algebraic R
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Additional Resources

Patterning Activities

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