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6 Picture Books that Promote Geometric Reasoning

Making connections and visualizing are important skills for the overall development of a child and a teacher doesn't have to wait for "reading time" to help students with these skills.

Likewise, parents can switch up their bedtime story routine by incorporating books that have a mathematical basis.

Incorporating picture books and comprehension strategies into your routine even just once a week will help a child begin to understand that math truly is everywhere and all around us while giving them the space and time to make sense of mathematical concepts in a non threatening way.

Access to these rich stories with a mathematical base is the first step and thankfully, there is a growing collection of high-quality children's books that focus on mathematical concepts.

Below, I have compiled a list of six such books that specifically focus on building reasoning and sense-making within the domain of geometry.

Head to your local library to check out these titles, purchase online for your e-reader, or buy a few hard copies to start building your own collection of quality math books.

6 Picture Books that Promote Geometric Thinking and Sense Making:

1. 3-D shapes by Marina Cohen

2. Circus Shapes by Stuart J. Murphy

3. Jack the Builder by Stuart J. Murphy

4. Have you Seen My New Blue Socks? by Eve Bunting

5. Walter's Wonderful Web by Time Hopgood

6. Which One Doesn't Belong? Playing with Shapes by Christopher Danielson


•When you add a title to your classroom library collection, place a label on the front or back cover of book indicating "geometric thinking" or whatever the concept might be for a book. This way you can quickly access which books to pull for planning purposes throughout the year.

Additional Resources -

Check out the Math by the Book series and

these Padlets that have links for many pictures books.

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