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Episode 2: Building a Positive Mathematics Identity

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Episode 2 Sources

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Book Reference:

Aguirre, J., Mayfield-Ingram, K., & Martin, D. B. (2013). The impact of identity in K-8 mathematics learning and teaching: rethinking equity-based practices. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Inc.: 13-14.


What is your math story? Who are the main characters and what do they look like?

In Episode 2, we discuss how to help kids start to talk about and build a positive mathematics identity.

Mathematics identities are influenced by not only how someone sees themselves fitting into a mathematics space, but also how they are seen by others, including teachers, parents, and peers --as doers of mathematics (Aguirre et al., p. 13-14).

Throughout my almost two decades in education, I have talked to so many other educators and parents who share a lived experience of being disconnected from math, never learning about mathematicians that look like them, and having a negative internal dialogue when entering math spaces.

In many instances, there is an exact moment or experience that adults view as the negative turning point in their love for math. For me, this disconnect was in 8th grade, when I just didn’t understand why we were using letters and trying to balance equations.